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The concept Megapixel surveillance camera requirements
   As an important front-end HD cameras for video surveillance, the arrival of "high definition" of its impact on the natural tendency of the strongest, most camera manufacturers that gradually increase R & D investment for high-definition video camera. As the saying goes, "We must first sharpen his tools", there is no matching HD camera, HD front camera can not play the desired effect. Of course, security monitoring requirements not only for high-definition camcorders, professional lenses have also made a high-definition needs. As a professional CCTV camera manufacturer, Shenzhen supersonic operated AVENIR ETOKU Seiko lens has strong technical strength in research and development in the field of high-definition. Here, Shenzhen supersonic discuss with you one million high-definition surveillance camera concepts and requirements.

       The biggest advantage is the million-pixel high-definition, high definition. So for the purposes of surveillance camera, what kind of conditions to be achieved is the real "HD camera" mean? Supersonic Electronics Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City, technical experts, said: "Compared to ordinary surveillance camera, high-definition camera can do true high definition, not only the day, even at night, in the evening at sunset dusk, weather can also provide unbiased clear focus video We usually taken up seventy percent of the pixel area as the standard lens field of pixels (pixel is a pixel definition camera lens seventy percent with a field of view region), and then through the edge of the lens resolution, pixels to 1000TVL The above can be called "high-definition camera." Currently, AVENIR ETOKU Seiko HD lenses are up to such a standard. "