Video surveillance camera application has penetrated into all spheres of society
Published  |  2014-04-22 13:23:11
Video surveillance camera (ZLKC) applications have penetrated into all spheres of society
        The education system is mainly campus security monitoring, electronic examination room monitoring, network teaching, distance education;
Power system is mainly room unattended, unmanned substations, power plants, management of production safety monitoring;
Public security system is mainly community monitoring, urban security monitoring, security monitoring prison, the trial live, etc.;
Force monitoring system is mainly communications room, battle command systems, storage supplies monitoring, daily management and monitoring system of grass-roots companies such as;
Oil well monitoring system is mainly petrochemical, oil storage monitoring, monitoring stations, petrochemical plant safety monitoring;
Banking system is mainly banking network monitoring system, savings monitoring, vault monitoring;
The main railway station is scheduling management system (video part), station safety management, emergency command system;
The tax system is mainly tax service hall monitor;
Steel production safety management system is mainly monitoring system;
Health care system is mainly the intensive care unit of video surveillance, live surgery and teaching systems, daily safety management monitoring ........
Almost every industry has a variety of needs, the security industry we also need to create more applications, to meet the social security needs of high-definition lens. Thus, with the widespread popularity of video surveillance applications, a variety of criminal cases the detection rate has been significantly improved, now has become PSB essential tool for maintaining social stability. With the continuous improvement of video surveillance technology, high-definition monitoring, network monitoring, and popularize the application of intelligent monitoring, not only brings a broad market prospect for the security industry, while building a harmonious society will play a positive role in promoting.
In fact, video surveillance as an important tool means are applied in various industries has been very much, it is the original financial, commercial, transportation, residential, community, extends to all walks of life. For example, held a variety of major sports events, held in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo held in 2010, the 2010 Asian Games held in Guangzhou in the country, etc., in these major sporting events and venues construction, video surveillance applications These are the most basic conditions to ensure the success of the event. In the city's heating system, to ensure the safety of life and various urban heating facilities; city's port monitoring applications, in addition to protect the security of the port cargo monitoring, preventing access to e-waste items such as anxiety; in the pharmaceutical Large pharmaceutical industry applications, and so on.
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