Large target surface surveillance camera lens design for better results
Published  |  2014-06-25 12:23:20
[Surveillance camera Information] screen, high-definition products in order to improve performance, often using a large target surface photosensitive chip. Often these cameras when configuring surveillance camera, you will encounter a lot of confusion. Most camera manufacturers still stick shot past the size of a standard analog era, that is 1/2 "and 1/3" products. The specifications of the actual camera on the market to use more of the following two conditions:
1, using more than 1/3 "and less than 1/2" products, such as 1/2.5 ", 1/2.7", 1/2.8. "These cameras when configuring HD lenses, if 1/3" lens, the will make the picture a "vignetting." So now 1/3 "HD electric zoom lens especially become almost tasteless in this application, users are using 1/2" or more products. For example ZLKC of 7.5-127mm products.
2, the use of more than 1/2 "products, such as 1/1.8", 2/3. "Using 1/1.8" sensor chip HD camera lens when configuring, if using 1/2 "products, more or less vignetting may occur in the case, so when customers choose to configure, try using a 1/1.8 "mirror 'head. This ensures that the situation will not occur vignetting. For more than 1/1.8 "specifications, you should choose 2/3" or 1 "and other specifications.
In short, for high-definition imaging system, as opposed to analog surveillance systems mature, there are a lot of people are not very important technical details. The details determine success or failure, excellent imaging system will consider more. With the increasing popularity of high-definition systems, high definition lens choice will be more rational, and with strong demand, will in turn promote the continuous upgrading of products, development. (Editor: ZLKC LENS)