HD test and apply common sense security surveillance cameras
Published  |  2014-06-25 12:21:15
[Security surveillance camera information] security surveillance cameras on the market most of the product, the user of the method used to test surveillance cameras it? This article for you on their common sense.

    The main test test surveillance cameras clarity and color reproduction, illumination, backlight compensation, followed by measurement of its surveillance camera distortion, power consumption, low operating voltage, following first the clarity and color reproduction as well as illumination, backlight compensation measurement procedure first introduce.

    A measurement resolution: testing a plurality of surveillance cameras, the lens should be the same, (recommend for fixed focus, the second variable lens) to the center of the test card in a circle around the monitor, whichever side of the screen, clear accurately count the number of ticks have been given a total of 10 sets of vertical lines and 10 sets of horizontal lines. Representing the vertical resolution and horizontal resolution, and accordingly has been given a set number of lines. 800 350 lines of horizontal as vertical lines, then the best black and white monitor. When testing the vision thing in focus, but also focusing side test. It is best to do both, you can see the difference between this camera (for near and far converge).

    2 surveillance camera color reproduction test: Test this parameter should be the chosen color monitor. First remote viewing figures, costumes, to see whether the color distortion, vivid color contrast objects take to see surveillance cameras responsiveness, take color pictures on the front of surveillance cameras to see the clarity of the picture sketched, too light or dark, again colored objects respond to the movement for imaging, to see whether the color smearing, delay, vague. Test conditions such cameras in the generation of illumination 50 +10 V 50V illuminance measurements should be, that is the most surveillance cameras per volt-generation illumination plus ten basis, and the aperture should remain the closest state.

    3 Illumination: The surveillance cameras placed in a dark room, darkroom set before the regulator is powered from 220V incandescent lamps, office, in order to regulate the voltage regulator to regulate the generation of high dark room light and shade, the voltage can be adjusted from 0V to 250V . Indoor lighting can be adjusted from the darkest most that when testing the camera aperture are open to the maximum recording a minimum illumination value (the active dim light with the regulator to see darkroom built-in screen) and then the aperture playing to a minimum and then record a minimum illumination value, but also before and after the lights were winking regulator.

    4 surveillance cameras BLC: This parameter is tested in two ways: one is in a dark room, the camera lights on the front side of the regulator, when adjusted to the light, then placed a picture or text at the bottom of the lamp, the monitoring Camera welcome light camera, watch images and text can see, the picture is not dazzling thorn, and adjust the AL, AX pull the file switch, to see whether the changes, what works best. Another under sunny conditions the camera out the window photos, images and text to see whether this time look.

    5 Surveillance Camera Distortion: Distortion watching surveillance cameras placed in front of the camera to test the card so that the whole sphere appears on the screen, to see whether the spherical ellipse, the camera moves forward, to see whether the center of the circle amplification, and then test the edge distance, angle, curved frame or without distortion.

    6 surveillance cameras power consumption: the minimum operating voltage, use a multimeter to measure current, voltage regulator using small regulator watch.

    Security system, the image is generated mainly from the current CCD cameras, CCD is a charge-coupled device (chargecoupleddeice) short, it can become the light and charge storage and charge transfer, the charge can be stored by removing the voltage occurs changing, so is the ideal camera components, consisting of a CCD camera with its small size, light weight, Ministry affected by magnetic fields, has the characteristics of the East and the impact of the earthquake has been widely used.