High school examination papers escort vehicles to install surveillance cameras to prevent leaks
Published  |  2014-06-25 11:49:30
    WASHINGTON (Reporter correspondent Wang Wei Kang had fines, Wuxiu Xia, Chen Xiaoqin) Yesterday, reporter learned from the Huadu District Office to recruit this year, Huadu District has 5,107 candidates sat the exam, a record number of applicants. Currently, Huadu District 4 175 exam test sites to monitor, command and communication, authentication, broadcast, unified command and shielding system has passed inspection, monitoring, the test preparation work everything is ready. 
      Last year for the first time after the installation of cameras in the college entrance examination papers escort car, this year will continue this practice in the papers escort vehicles front, each compartment to install a camera to achieve the whole process of moving papers transportation surveillance video. In addition to in-vehicle video, paper handling process will also have someone to monitor the use of portable VCR flow, with the film to record the whole process, to prevent leaks papers.