Security surveillance camera lens brands compete in the domestic market
Published  |  2014-06-25 11:42:45
  Security surveillance camera lens brands compete in the domestic market, the story: A company is a long time to know its people know the name of no company, until 2010 CPSE, at a friend's referral, I saw the A's manager, low-key The people doing things, as A company's brand is generally low-key. Unfortunately, now referred to A, the new security circles, few know that, despite their far-reaching impact in the year DVR fields.
Story Two: B is the first I entered the security industry executives in close contact with the company, at that time, B has just started to get involved in the field of intelligent transport from the video surveillance, but now, when I again close contact with the management of Company B , its high-definition surveillance products have begun to market, but, my definition of B or more to stay in video transmission manufacturer level.
Story three: 2009, C Company, Shenzhen An enterprise which is only unknown nobodies, but now, C has begun to spend time with to the market. Just three years time, so much change can occur only from C was "generous" involved in a sector activities, but also to make their brand a household name, not just the harvest, VCs follow.
Vendors have to play the main security market does not seem the slightest relationship with the brand, the product as long as there certainly will be able to turn into money. But nowadays, when the seller instead of the buyer began to dominate the market, the money seems to come no longer be so easy.
"West of the Moon round than in China," in the security field, the high-end market has been occupied by Sony, Panasonic and other foreign brands, domestic brands of competition, Hikvision (002,415, stock it), UOB turn a group of market followers far left behind.
Aside the high-end market is not to say, in the low end, batch after batch of security companies started by competition from cheap enclosure movement. But, last year, when a DVR DVR market price war group neither technical superiority, nor brand of DVR trounced the enterprise, some companies began to wake up: the price war is not a long-term move, with the core Competitiveness is based on the fundamental, and brand core competitiveness of enterprises occupy the most important position. Surveillance cameras also appears in this case.
Back to the beginning of the article first story ever on a seller's market, A company with excellent product reputation in the field of DVR prominent, but unfortunately, A does not recognize the importance of brand for enterprise development. When the rise of competitors, understated brand glorious return only after the loss, we can not help but sigh, this really is no longer a sell themselves era.
Story II, B enterprise can be said that with the development trend of the market has been advancing, intelligent and HD is a hot and bright security industry in recent years, but also to the security company brought unlimited business opportunities. When many companies are smart analysis, time to fight high-definition monitor, the user pro-gaze naturally are those known, trusted brands. But, if you are familiar with the user in mind that manufacturers do?
The story of three protagonists C can be said to be a successful example of hundreds of security companies to stand out, careful analysis, C enterprises to take on a very important move, and that is the brand's grasp. On the buyer's market, competition among enterprises is no longer stay in the individual elements, such as yield, cost, quality, price, etc., but focus on performance in the competition to brand competition focused system. User awareness and perception of brands for C tremendous enterprise core competitiveness, but also to C is no longer obsessed over the "price war."
But, back in C, there are many rely OEM, export to conquer the world of security companies. In 2010 the European economy began to slow down in 2011, Greece and other countries into a debt crisis, China's foreign trade and processing enterprises, especially in the EU, the United States and export-oriented enterprises have been seriously affected. Data show that the security industry to export processing performance oriented most manufacturers have fallen sharply, some companies fell as much as 30% -40%.
Despite the growing demand for domestic security, but security projects under the government push for product quality, brand requirements are relatively high, "foreign to domestic demand," the slogan though loud, but for the lack of competitiveness of the brand, product homogeneity serious enterprises, the support from foreign orders, as if lost right-hand man in general.
Ann enterprises face difficulties, most companies began to seek bail out of the situation, and "enterprises must carry out technological innovation, enhance the brand influence, product differentiation walking route" has become the consensus of most managers, in addition to hair products outside force, companies have also force branding.
Hold the same view of the crisis is not only faced with foreign trade companies, some well-known companies are exerting force. Not long ago, in 2012, Unitech announced record will greatly expand the channels, one of the aims is to enhance its visibility in the channel and all walks of life. It makes me think of A business again, if the original, which can make full use of the brand's influence to seize the market, and now the DVR field will not be another pattern?