"ZLKC LENS" brand bid procurement projects in Guangzhou City Campus
Published  |  2014-06-25 11:39:24
    After Qingyang City, Gansu Province, "11 • 16" school bus 20 people were killed and 44 injured in the accident, school safety problems caused by government attaches great importance. As a leading provider of monitoring solutions, Guangzhou ZHISAI Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Chi closely watched race safe city construction and development. Has provided professional monitoring solutions for communities, transport, banking, railways, schools and other public places, strong support for the development of safe city construction.
November 16, 2012, Guangzhou-game winning Guangzhou Electronic Technology Co., schools, kindergartens key parts of campus safety monitoring system equipment monitoring government procurement projects lens purchases. It is reported that: The project contains a total of 60 primary and secondary schools in Guangzhou City, nursery school key positions, the company adopted the intellectual game "in Unitech create" brand front of the camera, the video back-end storage systems, for the majority of primary and secondary students to provide a reliable security guarantee .
Chilean race through years of research and development and innovation in the field of video surveillance to improve the front end to the back end of a series of high-definition products, and the overall design by providing a proven easy to manipulate for customers, easy to maintain and expand the overall full HD HD solutions and provide customers from the design, supply, delivery, and pre-sale, sale and full service.